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Acorus calamus Information

Acorus calamus, also know as Sweet Flag is a perennial bog plant with sweet, spicy-scented leaves. It has been used in North America by native peoples for various purposes, including as a medicine and as a snuff. It was used as an anesthetic for toothache and headaches, and in mild doses was commonly used as a stimulant to combat fatigue. In
large doses it will cause vomiting and dizziness. The Cree said that they can take Acorus calamus root and "travel great distances without touching the ground" and it was a common ingredient during the middle ages in European witches "flying brews".

It has been used safely as a sedative in Ayurvedic medicine for several thousand years. The active part of the plant is the root, which contains asarone.

Calamus has a strong herbal, warm, spicy, cinnamon-like fragrance, and has been used as flavoring for beverages, or as an incense.

Used in incense mixtures in ancient Mesopotamia and by the ancient Egyptians in their Kyphi mixtures, calamus root, also known as "sweet reed", strengthens the nerves, improves energy and is said to be helpful during times of emotional exhaustion.

In ancient times Calamus was considered a symbol of masculine vitality and worldly success.

For more information on Calamus, please read King's American Dispensatory.

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