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Kava Kava


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Kava kava (Piper methysticum)

Kava root is traditionally made into an intoxicating drink which plays an important part in the rituals, ceremonies and daily life of South Pacific Islanders. Kava produces an euphoric state which is characterized by tranquility and friendliness. Kava wakes you up, and, at the same time, calms you down, helping to increase productivity and relieve stress

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Kava kava root - powdered


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Kava kava root - Cut and sifted

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70% Kava kava Tar Extract

Produced with high quality Kava, It is unlikely you will find an extract of this quality on the normal health food market. This extract is produced using unique C02 extraction methods to achieve a superior quality end product. Valuable for use in many applications including but not limited to health foods, massage products (anti inflamatory/pain releiving properties)and anti stress formulas.



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